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Alcove Cafe {Los Feliz}

My friend SGVFoodDood went with me to Alcove Cafe in Los Feliz.  He wrote a much better review than what I’m about to write, so check it out HERE.

Parking.  Sucks.  Circle around and around until you find something.

Ambiance.  Nice interior, albeit a bit cramped, with a nice outdoor patio.  I prefer the patio because it’s more spacious and quieter, less echoing of voices off the walls.  This is a pretty casual brunch place.  You show up, get in line, place your order, get a number… you know, like at Carl’s Jr.  Wait, do they still do that?  I think I’m revealing my age a little…

Anyways, so you take a number and sit down anywhere.  I personally like this system because it’s super informal and nobody has to fight over the check (or not).  Easy like Sunday morning.

The food.  First, the bad.  The nutella crepe (reduction of banana, mixed berries, blood oranges and more, over crepes wrapped in warm nutella) was gross.  I like my crepes a bit more cooked and crisp – this one was almost the texture of dough… kind of like what I imagine uncooked wanton wrappers to taste like.  Further, I’m not a sweets person in general, but even my BF, who has a major sweet tooth, agreed this thing was way too sweet.  Avoid!

Now, the good.  The omlettes were super fat and generous (well they better be for $12+)!  I had the Cobb Omlette: grilled chicken, applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese, tomato and avocado – came with toast and roasted breakfast potatoes.  Everything was really good.  If your appetite is only moderate, consider splitting with a friend.  This was way too much food for breakfast and leftover eggs are pretty gross.  Also, if you split, you’re looking at a pretty damn good value for brunch!

Alcove Cafe
/ Menu
1929 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Recommendation:  When you’re done with your brunch, head over to the nearby Griffith Observatory for an easy hike and some free entertainment (see my post here).


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