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Bruxie {Orange, CA} – Brea location opens 11/8!

Bruxie is located in a residential area across the street from Chapman college.  If you can deal with a hipster crowd, street parking, long lines during peak hours, and a no hostess/limited seating situation, then you’re in for a treat!  The waffles are REALLY TASTY and I’d certainly go back again.

Recommendations:  The place opens at 9am.  I showed up at 10am on a Saturday and had no problems – found parking immediately across the street, reasonable wait (maybe 6-7 people in line), but even we had to share a table with another couple.  Seating is very limited and its outside only – go when the weather is nice.  Show up early; by 11am, the lines were getting much longer and people were sort of hawking over us to take our table when we left.

Note that some of the aforementioned problems might be alleviated some once the Brea location opens up later this week (Nov. 8).  The Brea Bruxie will be located in Downtown Brea, where there are FREE parking structures -THANK YOU!

Now onto the reasons why all the above is worth the hassle.  Here’s our order:

1.  Buttermilk fried chicken & waffle (w/ slaw and chili honey) – $6.95

This was my order and I highly recommend it!  The waffle that came with the fried chicken was super light and crisp (as if it had been fried).  The fried chicken piece isn’t heavily battered like KFC’s or overtly salty, in fact I’d probably just buy the fried chicken myself if they sold it a la carte.  The chili honey and slaw were perfect accompaniments.

*Note: You add maple syrup for $1 more, but for me, the chili honey was enough sweet.

2. Prosciutto and gruyere (w/mustard and chives) – $7.95

I don’t like mustard, so I’m biased, but the BF liked this one.  I would say it’s substantially thinner than the fried chicken one though – and $1 more in price than the Fried Chicken one.  Don’t expect this one to fill you up.

3. Waffle fries – $2.25

The waffle fries aren’t a “MUST” here, but they’re still quite good.  As you can see, these aren’t skinny fries, they’re thick and potatoey.  Fried nicely – not greasy and not too salty.

4. Lemon cream and berries – $6.50

Ok, this was the PERFECT ending!  The lemon cream was sweet, light and tart.  And the fresh berries, mmm.  Perfect finisher!  Highly recommended if you like lemon cream/custard.

/ Menu with prices
292 N Glassell St
Orange, CA 92866

(Coming Nov. 8)
215 W. Birch Street
Brea, CA 92821


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