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Egg & I {Las Vegas, NV}

Mixed review.

Ambiance:  Just as a note, the location is odd – like in a little strip mall.  That being said, I liked the pleasant service and the vibe of the place–very laid back with a local feel.  Nice when you want some breakfast away from the chaos of the strip.

Here’s the bad: those ranch potatoes (pictured above) everyone is raving about on Yelp are … pure salt.  I LOOOVE salty food, like really salty food, and these were too much for even me!  It tastes like they just dredged them in Lawry’s Seasoned Salt.  So if you like that… you’ll love this.  If you don’t, it’s inedible.  Yelpers also rave about the banana nut muffin (which comes with most breakfasts), but I thought it was pretty ‘meh.’  Totally has that re-microwaved chewy texture.  It’s ok, just nothing to rave about.  For those looking for a really good muffin – try Mimi’s Cafe.  Their Honey Bran muffin is insane, actually, all their muffins are.  Mimi’s also has complimentary carrot raisin bread that knocks the pants off of Egg & I’s muffin.

Here’s the good: My omelette and everyone else’s breakfast foods (not including muffins and potatoes) were good.  I love that their coffee mugs are big and that they give you a carafe of coffee to keep at the table to refill yourself.  Coffee tasted good too, which you can’t say for all local breakfast joints.

Another saving grace for this place was the INSANELY good price we got on our meal.  Egg & I has a ton of coupons all over the place in various free Vegas pamplets/booklets you find in your hotel lobby.  However, you MUST get the one in the 24/7 vegas booklets.  The 24/7 booklet coupon has no restrictions – so the cashier at Egg & I let us use 2 BOGO coupons to pay for our 4 meals.  That means we literally got like half off our meal!  For four people, we paid like $20!!!

Conclusion:  If I go back, I’ll be getting a low carb breakfast and coffee.

Egg & I
/ Menu
4533 W Sahara Ave, #5
Las Vegas, NV 89102


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