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LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art {Mid-City West}

First off, I’m going to come come clean and admit to having umm.. a less than sophisticated knowledge of art.  Now I’ve participated in my share of art walks, but you understand those are encouraged by my love for free admission, free apps and free booze.  Art museums are a little different.  Nevertheless, I promise, LACMA is pretty fun and they give you ample opportunities to visit them for FREE, as well.

How to Visit LACMA for FREE (source):

  • Free Admission for any and all: Second Tuesday of each month
  • Free Admission for LA County Residents Only:  After 5pm on M-T-Th-F with proof of residency (driver’s license)
  • Park for FREE (see below)

Here’s where I park after 5pm:

There’s a couple  meter spots at Spaulding/Wilshire, but actually all of Spaulding is free to park on during the evenings (last I checked).  I’ve heard of people parking at Park La Brea, but I’ve never chanced it.  Otherwise, you’re looking at about $10.

Ok enough logistics – PICHARS!!

This is the outside of LACMA–palm trees and the oh so famous lamp posts (Urban Light).  You can come check out the lamp posts even after hours because they’re located outside of the museum’s gated entrance.  If you stick around until sunset, you can see all the lamp posts light up.

And check out all the fun camwhoring opportunities in the galleries!  We look so TINY!  I also love that LACMA let’s you take pictures in most of the galories.  There are lots of museums out there that ban all photography.  What’s the point of doing something cultural if I can’t show it off to everyone on FB?  😉

Then there’s more interactive pieces like the one Sung is meandering through, and more serious/famous pieces like this Picasso painting.

Conclusion: LACMA is HUUUGE and you get to see a good mix of architecture, sculpture, painting, and the like.  LACMA also have a bunch of events, including $10 movie screenings, and lots of free music events, which all sound enticing.


5905 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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