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Pho Super Bowl {Diamond Bar, CA}

This is my FAVORITE Vietnamese restaurant!

Ambiance.   I never expect too much from Asian restaurants in terms of ambiance, but this place is totally acceptable.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s very clean, which is great!  I deplore Asian restaurants that have sticky condiment bottles (like when the glass jar of chili or soy sauce container is super sticky).  I also hate when restaurants water down their hoisin and sriracha til its runny – yuck.  You’ll find none of those shenanigans here!

Pho.  First off, their pho is just killer.  The broth is always perfect – you don’t even neeeed sriracha or hoisin.  Their portions are good, their meat is of average portion, their bean sprouts are fresh, they always give me lots of juicy extra limes when I ask.  They have a regular size and a large size.  I have a pretty big appetite, and I usually get the regular size for lunch and the large size for dinner.  Price is good, like $6-7.

Other dishes.  Their entrees are pretty notworthy themselves, which you can’t say for all Vietnamese restaurants.  My BF usually gets one of the rice dishes, and they’re always tasty.  He loves #52 – Charbroiled pork and quiche with rice.  The meat is all smokey and garlicy…mmm!   The one exception is when he ordered the beef stew with rice.  It was fine, but nothing special.

Free dessert.  They always give you a hot tapioca dessert at the end of your meal.  I’m pretty sure it has a ton of sugar and carbs, but it’s sooo good and sooo free.

Pho Super Bowl
/ Menu without prices
329 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765


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