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Primarily Prime Rib {Las Vegas, NV}

Man this place gets no love on yelp (3 stars)?  My fam was staying at South Point and wanted to eat at Primarily because they had a coupon (typs).  My sister and I checked yelp, whined, lost the battle trying to persuade our family to eat elsewhere, and entered the restaurant with 3 star expectations.  Well, Primarily Prime Rib happily exceeded those expectations and I must say, this place is totally decent and an absolute DEAL.

Ambiance & Service.  As shown in the pic above, the place is like an old style steak house, by which I mean it looks like it was once very fancy, but now it’s  just sorta old.  Velvet curtains, U-shaped leather booths, and dark wood and stuff.  You can hate it or embrace it.  I appreciate the fact that the restaurant’s located upstairs from the Casino, so you don’t get the bright lights or loud noise carrying over into the dining area.  Our server was some Asian guy – he was really good.  Very professional and gave helpful recommendations.

Appetizer:  My dad ordered the artichoke dip and the presentation was really whatever (see pic above), but lemme tell you – it was really good.  It’s super cheesy and savory without being too stinky or greasy.  It’s served with those water crackers (see above), but you can also ask for another bread basket if you prefer.  The appetizer was $6.

Entrees (DEAL!):  $15 gets you the following: (1) surprisingly decent basket of warm bread, (2) choice of soup or salad – $1 more if you want caesar salad made on a salad cart, (3) prime rib done just how you ask, (4) side of mashed or baked potato.

I’ve had two of their soups – corn chowder and cream of broccoli.  Both were pretty nice – not the best I’ve had, but still totally good.  I’ve had the house salad (made table side by our charming waiter) and also the caesar salad, which is $1 and also made table side.   I asked for my prime rib done Medium – and it came out MEDIUM!  My dad ordered medium-rare, and it also came out perfect.  The portions were very generous (thick cuts!) and it was so succulent and not too fatty, which is a problem I have with a lot of prime rib dinners.  My whole family chose baked potato as their side, so I can’t comment on the mashed.  The baked potato came with the works, including real chives (classy touch).  Potato was cooked perfectly – hot and fluffy.  On my second visit to Primarily the baked potato was still good, but not quite as fluffy.

Just to compare, I have had prime rib for almost the same price at a place near the CA-NV state line and that’s a story for another day… the waitress was INSANE (“i want fries” “RICE?!” “no–fries” “RICE?!” -___-), the ambiance was ZERO, and the food was totally  mediocre.   If you want a bargain prime rib dinner – it’s gotta be Primarily.

Dessert:  Now onto dessert.  If you’re staying at South Point, check the coupon book the front desk gives you.  Ours had 2 coupons for free dessert.  We asked for recommendations and ordered a couple of mediocre looking desserts, that turned out to be pretty tasty.  Not the best I’ve had, but it was a nice something sweet at the end — and FREE!

If not, there’s a Kate’s Corner ice cream parlor in South Pointe, which sells GENEROUS single scoops of Dryer’s Ice Cream for $2.50.

Primarily Prime Rib

inside South Point Hotel & Casino
9777 Las Vegas Blvd S.
Las Vegas, NV 89183


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