International Travel / Italy

A weekend in Milan, Italy

Ya’ll should be proud or disappointed to learn I only spent 9 euro on shopping in Milan 🙂  Here’s some stuff I did instead:

The absolute coolest thing I did in Milan was visit the Duomo, a cathedral in the center of Milan.  It was…seriously breathtaking.  I typically hate lines, people, waiting, standing…and I am not really that into viewing art.  Some people went to go see the Last Supper, but I declined. I feel like seeing a painting, even a really famous and beautiful one, is still just looking at a picture.

Architecture, on the other hand, is much more exciting to behold. You can stand in it, walk around it, climb to the top of it, see it in real panorama, and literally explore it. I also think you don’t realize how large something is until you are just a tiny ant in front of it. This cathedral is enormous…if my church looked like this, I might actually go >.>  The Duomo was also very useful because it is so tall, so whenever I would get disoriented (which happens frequently), I would just look to the sky to locate the beautiful Duomo, which would guide me back to the middle of town!

Tip:  Notice the sign – no sleeveless, no low cut tops, no bare legs.  And they absolutely enforce it.  Keep that in mind if you plan to visit the Duomo and don’t plan on buying a cover-up.


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