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Golden Deli {San Gabriel}

My new favorite Banh Mi (vietnamese sandwich) place!!  I don’t go often enough because Lee’s Sandwiches is like a mile from me and this place is like half an hour away, but it’s so-so good…

Pho was good and you should totally get it- good broth, good meat, decent portion, etc., but my heart still goes to Pho Super Bowl in Diamond Bar (see my review here).

Phan Cha Gio (5 fried egg rolls with vegetable) $6.25

This is what everyone raves about on Yelp.  I’m not real big on fried egg rolls (I prefer fresher spring rolls), but I decided to try it based on the internet’s recommendation.  The egg rolls were SUPER hot, fresh and lightly fried when they came out and I loved the abundance of veggies for wrapping that were served along side (romaine lettuce, bean sprout, cucumber and mint – and of course lime).  Spring rolls filled with egg rolls, haha!  The big miss for me was the fish sauce – seasoned way too sweet.

Banh Mi Thit Nuong (charbroiled pork vietnamese sandwich) $3.75  ~SO DELICIOUS!

For those that enjoy (or don’t enjoy) Lee’s Sandwiches, I’ll draw a key comparison.  I personally enjoy Lee’s, but my biggest complaint is their bread!  Lee’s bread is SO hard and dense.  It’s so hard, it scratches up the roof of my mouth when I eat it.  In contrast, the bread at Golden Deli is PERFECT.  It’s flaky and crusty on the outside, but super soft and light on the inside!  It’s the type of bread that makes a mess in your lap because the crust is so freaking delicate and amazing.

Besides the bread, I would say the amount and quality of the meat from Golden Deli’s banh mi was much better than Lee’s.  However, Lee’s is half the price of Golden Deli, so that should be no surprise.  The pickled veggies were also excellent, being just sweet enough.  They also throw in  some cucumber, which adds a nice, fresh crunch, and a smattering of crushed peanut, which was nice and distinguishable from Lee’s.

FYI, I can confidently say I even prefer Golden Deli’s banh mi over Banh Mi My Tho’s (famous banh mi place in Alhambra).  See my review of Banh Mi My Tho here.

Conclusion:  Order the Banh Mi!  Egg rolls come highly recommended from others, but the dipping sauce was a total miss for me.

Golden Deli
/ Menu (note the online menu prices don’t seem accurate)
815 W Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776


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