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Golden Gate Bridge {San Francisco, CA}

A fun way of catching a glimpse at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Easy FREE parking, some stairs, but a really easy, non-strenuous short trail.  Gorgeous views!  I prefer looking at the bridge from a distance over looking at the bridge, on the bridge.  Same with the Eiffel tower (see my post here) – why stand on the thing you want to see?

Land’s End
Yelp / Official
Seal Rock Dr & El Camino Del Mar
San Francisco, CA 94101
Neighborhood: Outer Richmond

Here’s my first and only time walking along the bridge.  Again, I prefer to view the bridge from elsewhere.

Golden Gate Bridge
Lincoln Blvd & Hwy 101
San Francisco, CA 94129


One thought on “Golden Gate Bridge {San Francisco, CA}

  1. I so agree! Seeing the foot of the Eiffel tower wowed me more than the view! Wish that I had seen your post before my trip!

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