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La Ville-Lumière {Paris, France}

My study abroad program in Switzerland ended, so it’s time to begin budget traveling.

None other than the Eiffel tower!  It was pretty gorgeous, BUT I’m going to go ahead and criticize those tacky EU stars and lights. At night, the tower turns blue, which I don’t really like. I’d much prefer if it lit up gold or something. They also fixed the tower up with a bunch of blinking Christmas lights, which were super annoying.  Also, don’t ask me why I have a photo from like every hour of the day – apparently we were obsessed!

Climbed up 328 steps of the tower – check the view !!  And look at those lines of people.  They’re lining up to take the lift.  There was even a (shorter) line and a charge (4 euro) to WALK up the tower, which we did.

Tip: Buy some lunch supplies and picnic on the lawn in front of the Eiffel tower.  Al fresco baby.

Hostel / gyros / urine soaked metro which we took everywhere / Notre Dame

Being kind of broke, we ate a lot of gyros ($5 euro typically and they’re everywhere).

This activity I really enjoyed!  One of my favorite things to do is rumage through antique markets. I just LOVE looking through cheap and random piles of stuff.  Even if I don’t find anything, the pleasure is in the search. I just love looking at homemade crafts, vintage stamps and coins, pretty little things.  It’s also fantastic because there are few repeats, everything is so unique.

This particular flea market is “Les Puces.”  It is actually the LARGEST flea market in the world!  It was just great! Some of the stuff was expensive “antique” furniture and decor, but there were little treasures for cheap like vintage pins, rings, stamps, postcards, jewelry and other little miscellaneous goods. I wanted to buy some John Lennon glasses, but didn’t have much luck. Maybe in Asia they will have some 🙂

Hodge podge of things found while wandering around.

Shakespeare & Co (used book store) / river / Moulin Rouge / carnival

Louvre / Mona Lisa behind glass / exhibits

A quick note, the Louvre is not free.  I think I paid 9 euro, but obviously well worth the admissions price.

Regarding the Mona Lisa.  You are roped off at light 30 feet from it and it is behind glass– producing a shine and making photos difficult. It is also not that large, so it’s hard to see any brush strokes or any details on it from afar. With the crowds, I just snapped a photo and left, completely uninspired. But like I said, the museum is worth a visit, just not for the Mona Lisa alone.

Arc outside of the Louvre / Louvre at night / Exhibits

Ok last one … get ready for it…




Oh shit. 


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