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Mon Ami Gabi {Las Vegas, NV}

Ok, this is seriously the beat piece of meat I’ve EVER eaten, and it was ‘affordable expensive.’  You know, affordable expensive.  Right, so BRACE YOURSELF…


“Filet Mignon Merlot.”  That’s basically all you need to know.  It’s INSANE.  We’ve all heard that Filet Mignon has the best texture, right?  But at the cost of flavor.  Well, butter and merlot reduction solves that little problem and delivers you the most fantastic, juicy, decadent piece of meat for only $33 – and that INCLUDES handcut fries!  Okay, admittedly, the fries are good, but not the best I’ve ever had.  But who cares, with this gorgeous, sexy hunk of meat on your plate, you’ll hardly notice.

If $33 is still a little steep, you can try the Hanger Steak with the same merlot butter reduction sauce for under $20.  I’ve never had it, but I sent my parents to Mon Ami Gabi for dinner one time and my mom said the Hanger Steak was plenty tender and a steal for about $19.

Ambiance and Service.  It’s at the Paris Hotel on the Strip – of course it’s classy and nice.  They have a gorgeous wine display case too.  The lighting is dim – as you can tell from the photo – but that only adds to the experience, dulling one sense, heightening another.  Mmm mmm…

Brunch:  I’ve never been for brunch (always too crowded), but I hear it’s quite good.  They have a covered outdoor patio, which looks nice to dine on.

Mon Ami Gabi
Yelp / Menu with prices
Paris Resort & Casino
3655 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109


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