France / International Travel

Nice and Monaco

Nice is in the southern part of France near the French Riviera. I’ve heard the average age of residents is 60-something years old!  It’s basically a wealthy retirement location, not unlike La Jolla I suppose.

Also, are you seeing that fabulous gelato?  Not only was it (almost) to pretty to eat, but it also tasted better than average!  And ‘average’ gelato is amazing!  The cone contains 3 flavors: passion fruit, mango and lemon.. *drools.

Nice is a pretty fun place to spend a couple of days because the promenade is open until all hours of the night!  There are bars, restaurants, and icecream shops open til 4:00 in the morning.

We had a late dinner one night and I ordered a ‘Monaco,’ which is a beer cocktail consisting of beer, lemonade and grenadine syrup.  It was really nice actually.  The Lemonade takes all the edge off the beer, and the beer keeps the lemonade from being too sweet and adds a nice barley-ish taste (from the Heineken).  Sort of reminds me of an adult Arnold Palmer.

Speaking of Monaco…

Decided to have a fancy night out at the Monte Carlo in Monaco.  Gotta use up those last euros before heading to London 😉

How to get there.  Monaco is a short train ride from Nice.  More information about station location HERE.

In front of the Monte Carlo were all these fancy cars, which attracted a lot of gawkers and posers, who were taking pictures in front of random Ferrari’s.  Grooooossssss…


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