I’m going to study abroad next fall (YAY), which I’m really excited about, but I’m dreading having to find a room to sublet spring semester.  Instead of trying to detail the horrors I experienced during undergrad (subletting after I studied abroad in Singapore), let me try to illustrate with a couple of photos.  Mind you, you can’t smell photos, so they’re really not doing justice to this whole situation.  You also didn’t have to pay my electric bill.

*click to enlarge.

😦 😦 😦

In retrospect, I wonder if those bitches were hoarders???  WTF is all that shit.  And why can’t they turn the lights off when they leave?!?!??!!  My electricity bill was like sky high….

*click to enlarge.

I did like zero cooking during that dark year.  In addition to leaving nasty dishes everywhere, the girls also had problems with taking out the trash.. =x(

FML.  I’ll just live in my car next spring.


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