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Shopping in London

I LOVE London for shopping!  There is a certain sense of whimsey when it comes to style there.  Whereas women in Paris and Milan are more “elegant,” I suppose, girls in London have FUN with clothes.  Think.. lumberjack print, vintage florals, minature hats, oversized flowers, bowling shoes, lacey trim, etc etc. It’s not as extreme as cosplay or anything, but it’s pretty fantastic in some cases.

Now two places in London stood out to me as shopping meccas for people who want fun clothes for a good price.

1.  TOPSHOP (UK-based, one location in NY).

In Oxford Circus, the store is like 6 stories of “WOW” — they have a place that does eyebrows, manicurists, style advisors, a candy store, etc. It’s amazing. I could spend a whole day in that store. I’d say it’s about Zara price and with all the sales they have on the bottom floor, I definitely walked away with a couple pieces at reasonable prices.

2.  The second place where I scored a few great finds was CAMDEN street.

Camden’s style differs from TopShop’s.  Camden is is more alternative.  Think..girls with piercings, hot pink hair, combat boots, etc. It feels pretty “hot topic”-esque on first glance.  However, the prices are just fantastic!  You can bargain things down to about $10 a top and $25 a dress, which is very good in London. You would be surprised at the things I bought there-a dusty pink bubble dress with pearl embellishment and a grey bubble dress with a button design. They are so girly, and don’t really match your first impression of the place– so it’s worth hunting around. The stuff in the stores is overpriced. Hit up the “Camden Market” instead, which is a bunch of outdoor stalls.  I swear the ourdoor stalls have all the same merchandise, just without fitting rooms and at half the price.


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