International Travel / Switzerland

Gruyere Factory {Montreaux, Switzerland}

An hour by bus from school to Glion’s Gruyere Factory.  It definitely smelled like cow country. The factory itself was actually pretty boring — we didn’t even get to see any cheese being made. It was more like a museum with exhibits and videos.  At the end, they gave us a plate of cheeses to taste, some of which were pretty stinky.  I love cheese, but typically more unsophisticated kinds of cheese.  Like melty cheese on a pizza, or macaroni and cheese, or even creamy goat or salty feta… but not pieces of cold hard smelly cheese.

In any case, the day was not lost because the town the factory was located in was pretty picturesque and fun to explore.  Straight out of a storybook, complete with fountains, cobblestone paths, heavy wooden doors, lush green, cows, a sleepy St. Bernard.  Pictures:

For those curious, that gnome next to him is a gift from my mom (my own travelocity gnome).  🙂


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