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Study Abroad {Montreaux, Switzerland}

This is sort of a reblog.  In summer of 2008, I had the great privilege of studying at the Glion Institute of Higher Learning, which is located on a mountain, a short cab ride (or vernacular – cable car- ride) from the city of Montreaux, home of the world’s largest jazz festival – or so they tell us.  😉  In any case, this area is so incredibly verdant and gorgeous.  I can see why folks would want to host the world’s largest jazz festival here – don’t you feel inspired and somehow freer just looking at this place?  FYI, body of water is Lake Geneva (huge, absolutely sparkling, and beautiful).

I studied music of the Beatles and public health through UCI professors that accompanied us on the trip.  The reason we weren’t taught by local professors is that Glion Institute of Higher Learning is actually a hospitality school.  The students coordinated our activities and put on fancy dinners once a week for us, which not so secretly brought out the inner sorority girl in me.  Check out my fab attire…

H&M / Target / U&O

Grubbin’ ~ These are pretty fancy looking formal dinners, but the meals I’ll remember the most are actually breakfasts at Glion.  What I loved about Glion’s cafetera food was how FRESH everything tasted.  Their bread… I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times, but European bread is ta die for.  Each morning we’d have a big spray of fresh fruits, scrambled eggs, heavenly bread, cheeses, yogurt, etc.  I’m normally not a breakfast person, but breakfast was my absolute favorite meal of the day while at Glion!

On nights off, we’d cab or vernacular (verb?) down do to Montreaux to join in on the Jazz Festival happenings, which consisted of a combination of fair foods, music and dancing.  Posing with a statue of Ray Charles 😉

Between classes, the Jazz festival and weekend travel, I had a pretty intense and memorable 5-weeks.


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