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i-40 Roadtrip: Grand Canyon {South Rim}

We checked out of our hotel in Flagstaff (see post HERE) at 10am, picked up some Subway sandwiches for a picnic, and drove 60 miles to the Grand Canyon.

This was my first time at the Grand Canyon, and it was a bit overwhelming trying to research.  Between all the different views and trails, it’s kind of information overload.  In sum, I’m quite ignorant of what I saw and did, so I won’t pretend to provide any guidance.

Here’s a few photos.

Bright Angel Trail.  Sung and I only walked like 0.5 mile of it, before heading back to reward ourselves with ice cream from Bright Angel Fountain, LOL.  Oh well, looks cool right?

Why are all these photos of my BF on my blog?  Because I am so much grander than him at taking pictures (which clearly doesn’t say much about his point-n-shoot skillz).

For lunch we brought with us subway sandwiches, rice cakes, apple slices, and water in a vintage red cooler.  Food somehow tastes better with a view.

Next Stop >> Williams, AZ


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