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i-40 Roadtrip: Williams, AZ

Ok, don’t judge, but I may or may not have enjoyed this more than the Grand Canyon (see my post HERE)!

Williams, AZ is conveniently located off the i-40 near the Grand Canyon.  Although a bit overpriced, their DEER FARM was a must for me.  I mean, it’s a DEER FARM, where you get to pet and feed DEER.

*I DIE! 🙂

Price.  $10 admission, plus $3 for a cup of deer food.  I naively assumed that the front desk would be the only place selling deer food, but they actually have $0.25 dispenses of food inside the park (see below).  I’m not sure which is a better value ounce for ounce, but I’d probably just use the dispensers.

As you might expect, the deer have learned to approach people because they often have food for them.  When you walk along the paths, half a dozen deer will follow you around, hoping for a snack 🙂  Sung was trying to cleverly evade by inching behind a food dispenser, probably not the most logical strategy.

Must hold the food up high so they don’t sneak any without being petted first!

Actually quite slimy, but nevertheless I’m under their spell.  ❤ ❤

There are a number of other animals you can pet.  Here I am feeding a tiny cute goat. OMIGAH. 8)

Finally, here’s some pictures of the no petting, no feeding animals.  I uploaded a few additional photos on the yelp page (link below).  Despite the price, highly recommended.

Deer Farm
Yelp / Official
6769 E. Deer Farm Rd.
Williams, AZ 86046

Next stop >> Holbrook, AZ


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