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i-40 Roadtrip: Lynchburg, VA

After leaving Asheville, NC, we made one last stop in Lynchburg to eat lunch.  I came at the recommendation of my former boss, who grew up in Virginia.  As promised, this place was pretty legendary.  Look alive for the sign – this place is easy to pass (but hard to forget – see what I did there?).

Family owned since 1926, located in a store with a tree growing through the roof, do you get any more local?  They even have an AOL email address – really?  That’s like instant credibility right there.

This is a lunch counter situation – you walk in, place your order, wait for your order to come up, find a seat.  They have a self-serve water dispenser and Styrofoam cups on the side.  Actually everything is served on Styrofoam containers, and everything is super inexpensive, so order as much as you think your intestines can handle.  Having heard how spicy the chili is, we decided on just 2 slaw dogs and a side of onion rings.

Slaw dogs contain four simple ingredients: hotdog, bun, blazing chili, and slaw, yet this place does it perfect.  No that’s not an enhancement – the hot dogs really are that red.  They’re marinated in some bright red solution in large jars you can see sitting in their open kitchen.  What the marinade does, I can only guess.  In any case, that chili appears to be more of a paste made of spices and (very) finely ground meat.  It is pretty hot, but I LOVE spicy food, particularly when it’s paired with that heavenly slaw.  I swear it’s too hard to find decent coleslaw in California.  Thankfully, this one is perfect – creamy, a little sweet, not too thick, and very refreshing.  Put it all together and what do you got?  It was so good, we ordered a pint of chili and a pint of slaw to take home (DIY Moore’s).

Moore’s Country Store
Facebook / Yelp
6963 Richmond Hwy
Lynchburg, VA 24504
(434) 846-4815

Last stop >> Charlottesville, VA


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