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i-40 Roadtrip: Oklahoma City

After leaving Amarillo, Texas we arrived in Oklahoma City.

We checked into the Wyndham Garden, which was only $52/nt (booked anonymously through!).  Normal rate is $99/nt.  The place was actually pretty nice, and certainly a step up from the places we’d stayed up to that point.  Amenities included B&B works products, a flatscreen TV, ergomatic desk chairs, and a super comfy bed.

Suggestion: Request a room away from the indoor pool.  The indoor pool = echoes, noise, humidity, chlorine smell in halls.

Negatives: I was pretty pissed about one thing.  We put some of our snacks and our leftover pizza (see below) in the mini-fridge only to discover the next day that the fridge was never plugged in – WHAT HOTEL DOES THAT?  I didn’t want to risk food poisoning or anything, so a lot had to be thrown out.  I notified Daniel at the front desk of this problem and the wasted food – he said they’d pass it onto management.  I never heard back.

Wyndham Garden
2101 Meridian
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

OKC and I didn’t get off to a very good start.  For one, it was blazingly, brutally HOT, like 120 degrees hot.  Now I know why OK is the birthplace of Sonic’s, which carries a whole line of super refreshing limeade beverages.  We drove around and around looking for a parking spot near the Memorial (lots were $5).  Finally, we found a spot and went to buy a ticket for the museum.  The time was exactly 5:00pm, and the museum closes at 6:00pm.   “Two please.”  That was about as far as I got.  They have a STRICT policy about not selling tickets after 5:00pm, despite my pleas that we were only going to be in the city one day.  😦  You’ve been warned – show up before 5:00pm.

“Bricktown” is OKC’s downtown area.  There’s very little street parking- you’re basically going to have to pony up $5 for a lot with no in and out privileges.  Mostly restaurants, very few shops.  If you walk along the canal, you can enjoy watching the ducks mock you as they dive gayly into the water.

Oklahoma City National Memorial
620 N. Harvey Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

In Bricktown Candy Co. they sell gelato, which was really pretty good, but I can’t even give an honest review of this place!  That’s like asking a man you found crawling in the desert how he liked the iced tea you brewed him.  😦  It did taste like heaven though – it was the sweetest creamiest most amazing orange gelato ever… ($3.50)

Bricktown Candy Co.
Yelp / Official
100 E California Ave
Ste 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

We drove a few blocks and found street parking around The Wedge Pizzeria II.  Ambiance was casual but sleek.  The trio appetizer was really good, consisting of seasoned pita bread, tapenade, hummus, and artichoke wedges ($8).  The Truffle Shuffle is one of their more popular pizzas ($15).  We had a bit of leftovers, despite the fact that we split this thin crust pizza.  I think it was because the pizza, while good, was made very rich from the truffle oil.  In any case, it was a satisfying meal.  Total was about $28 for 2 people for app, pizza, and 1 beer.

The Wedge Pizzeria II
230 NE 1st St
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Next stop >> Memphis, TN


4 thoughts on “i-40 Roadtrip: Oklahoma City

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  2. Your report, was honest, to the point and interesting. The photo’s were super and I have to tell you Sis, you are doing a great job.

    Thanks for including us in your plans and hopefully the rest of your trip will be sunshine and easy sailing.



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