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Angkor Whaaat? {Siem Reap, Cambodia}

Sleep.  Babel Hostel was a budget friendly place with airport pick-up (always nice).  Our free breakfast consisted of a ham & cheese baguette and hot chocolate.  A bit strange, and the ham & cheese baguette tasted mysteriously like a hot pocket, but it was pretty satisfying nevertheless.  I think the price for a double was about $15/nt (or $7.50 each).

Temple Entry Pass.  The first thing you need is a temple entry pass, which is $40 for 3-days.  They put your picture (stretched horizontally to add 20 lbs) on it and everything, very official 😉

Transportation.  Transportation-wise, you have two basic options to get from the hostel to the Wats.  You can hire private driver (tuk tuk) for the day ($15-20) or you can rent bikes.  Since we had three days, we did two days with a driver and one day on bikes.  Both were good and different experiences.  If you only have one day in Siem Reap, definitely get a driver though.

Wats.  There are a lot of Wats to see and they are absolutely incredible.  You won’t believe that you can walk, and in some cases climb, these wonders.  But…after 3 days, they start to all look the same.  That’s what you rent a bike a take the scenic route to see what else Siem Reap has going on…

I have no idea what you’d buy a crow for?  I also reaaaaaallly wanted one of those SARS masks because the roads are really dusty *cough.

Eats.  The Blue Pumpkin is a pretty upscale looking dessert place, which was nice.  We had some Spanish coffee and other delights.  Khmer food is pretty good.  Cambodia was a French colony, so you can see influences on their cuisine.  I liked how they served their curry with crusty french bread instead of rice.  I will say their Angkor beer is pretty awful though, HA!  All around Siem Reap you’ll see these BBQ houses, which serve up lots of exotic cuts of meat.  In truth, they all just tasted like BBQ, but now I can say I’ve eaten Kangaroo, Ostrich and Alligator (though I’ve eaten two of those in Jerky form before).


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