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Boiling Crab {Rowland Heights, CA}

Does the internet need another review of boiling crab?  No, but I’m brazenly doing it anyways.  Why?  Because Boiling Crab rocks my world.  It’s sooo incredibly cheap and satisfying.  It’s also on the short list of things I recommend people try if they’re visiting CA; I often describe it as a “Vietnamese style craw fish boil.”  The only locations I know of are in CA and TX, so for now it’s fairly unique.  Here’s what my BF and I usually order:

  • 2 waters ($0.25 each) – yes, we all hate that BC charges for water
  • 1 pound of shrimp (1/2 pound each) with The Whole Sha-Bang (cajun spices, lemon, pepper, garlic, butter), medium spicy ($8.99)
  • Add 2 cobs of corn to the bag ($0.75 each).
  • 1 order of Cajun fries, medium spicy (to share)($2.99)
  • optional: Order of white rice ($2.00)
  • Salt, pepper, and extra limes

Total is always under $20.  Half a pound of shrimp sounds like very little, but seriously this sauce is so rich and buttery that I really can’t each much more.  Then again, my BF and I spoon The Whole Sha-Bang sauce onto white rice and eat it, so that might be why we feel like we’ve OD’d on butter after eating only half a pound…Oh, and for sure get the cajun fries.  Sweet potato fries here are good, but they don’t match The Whole Sha-Bang sauce nearly as well.  As with wine, smart pairings make the meal 😉

———UPDATE 2012 re: to-go orders

Their to-go service is phenom!  I called in my order at the Rowland location and when I went to pick up, I realized that there’s a separate counter, cashier and waiting area just for to-go orders!  There’s always a wait at BC, so I loved the dedicated space and service, and let me tell you, the service was tops.  I don’t know what the BC business model is, but if your to-go person is helpful like mine was, tip them a few bucks.

Here’s a few tips when placing/picking up your order:

  1. Request a couple sheets of butcher paper (they had them all folded up on the side, so I’m not the only one who asks!) — this is the most important tip because regular newspaper you have at home is not even comparable.  Butcher paper has some type of treatment on one side that keeps it from soaking through, so just ask!
  2. Ask for bibs.
  3. Ask for limes.
  4. Don’t knot the tops of your boil bags — they leave them open for a reason; that reason is to prevent your seafood from overcooking on the ride home.  I know it’s tempting to tie those baggies up to minimize the smell in your car, but let’s be real, the smell is going to leak regardless!

Boiling Crab
Yelp / Menu with prices
18902 E Gale Ave
Ste A
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


2 thoughts on “Boiling Crab {Rowland Heights, CA}

  1. Nikkibi, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I like your style of writing and photos. Plus, you yelp! I’ve added your blog page on my latest blog post for others around the world to check out. Keep up the great job!

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