International Travel / Thailand

Daytrip outside Bangkok {Kanchanaburi, Thailand}

Tiger Temple.  Tiger Temple is a Buddhist temple that supposedly rescues tigers and cares for them, but I read recently that they actually obtain the tigers illegally through the black market and intentionally avoid reintroducing them into the wild in order to exploit them for tourist dollars.  Can’t verify or comment, but here’s the link.

In truth, they tigers do seem quite sad.  They were like stuffed animals; they barely moved and they were put out in the sun on rocks during the mid-day so that tourists could take photos with them.  I mean, tigers are nocturnal or something, right?  They probably don’t like being exposed to sun like that.

Hike.  San Yip Park has a bat cave.  We hiked up to the ranger station and it was pretty late, so we hired a guide and their jeep to take us up to the caves. Thank god we did because it was soooo muddy.  The cave itself was very hot (I was sweating buckets!) and we used this really jenky looking gas lantern (uh…dangerous?) to light our way.  The cave was too hard to photograph once inside, but we did indeed see cute tiny bats!

This experience is not for the claustrophobic, btw.  The cave was super dark and quite narrow. There were also a lot of spiders crawling on the ladders, so you can’t be afraid of bugs either.  When we returned, we were super tired and dirty.  We decided to take a quick dip in the water fall that we turned our noses up at (a bit dirty) on our way to the bat caves, lol.

All in all, a nice day trip outside of Bangkok.


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