International Travel / Thailand

On Guard {Bangkok, Thailand}

See.  Bangkok has a number of famous and beautiful wats (wat = temple).  Again, often required to wear the sarongs to cover up our legs.

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew.  Probably the most famous site in Bangkok.  Again, wearing the sarongs to cover our legs.

Red Light District.  The red light district in Bangkok is called Pat Pong.  We went to a “Ping Pong show” which was just horrid!  The shows are kind of disgusting and the venues are pretty sketch – they really try to hustle you for money.

Watch.  Muay Thai is a spectator sport in Bangkok.  We watched a match, it was pretty boring.  I’m not much for boxing in general though, so I may not be the one to ask.

Shopping.  Bangkok’s shopping is pretty fantastic.  I definitely recommend a trip to Jatachuk Weekend Market (assuming you’re visiting on a weekend), which is an enormous outdoor swapmeet with over 15,000 stalls!  What is even more amazing to me though is that each stall sells more or less different merchandise.  Thank goodness everything was incredibly cheap, and I don’t think I spent more than $5 on any one item. Tons of cute shirts and accessories.  Couple shirts too!  ❤

Food.  Super cheap and delicious.  We ate comparatively little street food because we’d heard it’s less than sanitary.  Walking around, we’d see flies landing on street vendor food, and vendors looking quite unabashed.  In the end, we probably could have been more brave because: (1) I doubt the back of restaurants was much better, and (2) we had some street food and never got sick.  Oh well.

Cooking Class.  One of my favorite experiences in Bangkok was participating in May Kai Dee’s cooking class!  In addition to teaching you to cook 10 dishes, she also takes you on a trip to the market to purchase the ingredients.  You’ll learn to make the most amazing peanut sauce to serve with homemade spring rolls!  Loved all the recipes, super fun, and May is a delight.  Her English is also fantastic.

Transportation.  One option is the Tuk Tuks, which you can flag just about anywhere.  Be clear about destination and price before getting in!  Don’t accept any of their suggestions; drivers get a commission for bringing tourists to certain tourist trap shops.

On Guard.  I titled this post “on guard” because I felt like Bangkok, more than other places I visited, had a lot of warnings about scams.  For example, they tell us to ignore all the guys standing near the Grand Palace telling tourists that its closed for a special holiday.  Or how tuktuk drivers try to take you to jewel shops, where you can buy “authentic” jewels for bargain prices.  The list goes on.  It makes travel a bit more exhausting.


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