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Solo Travel {Taipei, Taiwan}

SLEEP.  8 Elephants Hostel is the nicest hostel I stayed at during my study abroad trip to SE Asia.  It’s about $15/nt with communal bathrooms, but as you can see, they’re very well kept.  The owner is a young Taiwanese girl who speaks perfect English.  She’s very helpful in guiding you to places you want to go.

TRANSPORT.  If you’re going to be in Taipei more than a couple days, I seriously recommend the Easycard.  It’s just a preloaded card that allows you to hop on and off their subway without having to calculate fare and all that nonsense.

EAT.  The owner of 8 Elephants referred me to this nearby (walking distance) restaurant that served up good beef noodle soup and amazing chicken’s feet.  Trusting her recommendation, I asked her to write down the order for me.  This place did not disappoint – I ordered beef noodle soup a couple times from other places and it was nowhere near as good as this place.  The beef was so tender, the broth so flavorful, the noodles so chewy.  Perfection!  And those chicken’s feet literally melt in your mouth.  I’ve had chicken’s feet at dimsum places in the US and thought it was nothing special, just bony chicken.  The texture at this place is completely different and the flavor is amazing.  Easily the best chicken’s feet I’ve ever had.

EAT.  2 Peck Chicken is a chain food stand with amazing fried chicken.  It’s a freshly fried boneless piece of chicken with a crispy salty spicy coating.  So addicting…

Eat and Shop.  Shilin Night Market is famous for their oyster omelette.  I tried it, but wasn’t a fan, sorry!  Shopping in Shilin was great though.  Recommended.

Shop.  Ximending is a shopping area.  I bought a little mini-me cell phone accessory for my BF for like $8-9.  LOL.  He doesn’t use it, of course.

See.  It’s Taipei 101.  Great view of Taipei.

See.  Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall is a pretty famous monument in Taipei.  I really have nothing profound to say about it – but I did eat a fabulous bento from 7-11 here.  Why is 7-11 so epic in Asia and so gross in America?

See.  The Fine Arts Museum in Taipei was worth the visit.  It had lots of interesting exhibits, but I will say that it’s not strictly Taiwanese.  They have art from all over the place.


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