Thrifty Goodwill Haul

In a prior life (a.k.a. my life before grad school), I was obsessed with thrifting!  I decided to channel my former self today and paid my local Goodwill a visit.  Happy to report I found a couple of items!

Thrifted jacket!  Aeffe S.P.A. is the brand.  Size 4 US.  I have no idea what an “Authier” is?  Warm and not too bulky, which is a nice find for a jacket of this style.  And $3.50? Seriously?

I always see gorgeous pussy bow blouses when I’m thrifting, but they’re n e v e r  petite.  FINALLY, a PETITE pussy bow blouse that I like!  I love jewel tones and that layer in the sleeves is a nice detail.  🙂  It looks so festive, I can’t wait to wear it this holiday season.


7 thoughts on “Thrifty Goodwill Haul

  1. I can’t believe that jacket was 3.50!! What a bargain and it looks very expensive! This blog has inspired me to check out my local thrift store agan. Great blog! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting! I’m still so happy to have found it in petite! You just can’t roll sleeves like that, so the arm length has to be perfect.

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