Review: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is my absolute favorite beauty product, and Not Your Mother’s ($5 for 7 oz. at Walmart) is one of the best drug store ones I’ve tried.

How I Use Dry Shampoo. I use it a bit differently from the average consumer.  Most people probably use it as a form of damage control; so when your hair is feeling greasy, you apply dry shampoo to freshen it up.  Instead, I apply this product in my clean roots daily as a preventative tool.  After I apply dry shampoo, I can go days and my hair still looks and feels clean!  It’s amazing!  Go ahead and judge, but I’m a grad student so I’m entitled to a few crazy days where I didn’t make it a priority to wash my hair.

Anyways, I also find another perk of using dry shampoo is long lasting volume!  My hair isn’t especially oily, but after a few hours, my hair always seems to go flat.  Dry shampoo does a great job of adding a bit of volume to my hair; I use this alongside hairspray when I go clubbing and the combo is amazing!

NYM’s Dry Shampoo.  The price on this one is definitely right; $5 for 7 oz is a good deal, promise.  I don’t even comb out my hair after applying and there’s still no white residue.  I love that after I use it my hair still feels pretty much product-free.  In contrast, I know there are other brands that leave your hair feeling very heavy (*cough, Tresemme), but this one is pretty much perfect.  My only complaint is that it does run out a bit fast compared to my other favorite, Salon Grafix.

Other Brands.  Salon Grafix’s Dry Shampoo ($5 for 5 oz. at Walmart) works very well and is my other favorite.  What I love about Salon Grafix’s is that the bottle seems to last forever, making it a great value!  Psssssst can be purchased for a bit more money ($7 for 7 oz.); it also works well, but with Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo on the market, why pay the extra $2 for Psssssst?  Suave’s is cheap ($3 for 5 oz.), but it runs out after only a few uses, making it less of a value than it seems.  Suave’s also has a very strong smell, which really similar to my Dove deodorant, and I prefer my armpits and hair to have different scents.  As stated above, Tresemme’s is awful.  It makes your hair feel so heavy, almost greasy, upon application.


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