NOTD: Grey with Gold Tips

Wet n’ Wild Topcoat / Chunky loose gold glitter / Revlon Silver Nail Polish

Glitter is super cheap at craft stores and there’s lots of options.  I got my gold glitter on clearance at Michaels (3 for $1), but I also saw the above multi-pack of glitter for only $3.99 (regular price).  Use one of those 40% off coupons, and you’re looking at 16 colors of super fine glitter for less than $3.

Paint nails with Revlon Silver.  Let dry.

Add a thin layer of Wet ‘n Wild topcoat to the top 1/3 of each nail.  Sprinkle glitter on.  Wait a minute, then use fingers to press and flatten the glitter.  Add 2 layers of topcoat to seal it all in.  The result is a very long lasting manicure!


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