Saks Fifth Avenue Price Matching Policy does price matching, but its policy is much more limited than’s, which I covered in my previous entry HERE.

The Terms.  The policy is not listed online, but I got the information from one of Sak’s Live Chat customer service reps, so it should be legitimate.  They ONLY match prices at the following stores:

  • Barney’s
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Bloomingdales
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Nordstrom

Additionally, the item must be in-stock in the same style, color and size as the one you are ordering from

How to get a price match.  Same as, you simply click on the Live Chat button on their website.  Provide the customer service rep with a link to its competitor’s cheaper product and a link to Saks’s own corresponding product.  They will assist you in completing your order with the discounted price.  I personally love this method of price-matching!  There are many other sites out there (i.e.,, that require you to place an order with them, then submit a price match request via email.  This leaves you with so much uncertainty about whether or not your price match will be honored.  Saks and Nordstrom provide instant answers about whether you will get your price match or not.

My Analysis.  I think this policy is far less helpful than Nordstrom’s because it only matches other major retailers.  One of my chief reasons for ordering through or is to have the option to exchange or return the item in-store for free.  I suppose if you’re living in a place where there is a Saks Fifth Avenue store, but no Nordstrom, then it makes sense to get to match Nordies prices.

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