Shopping Review & Price Matching Policy

The Deal.  I found an authorized Ugg online retailer selling the Ugg Lynnea in Chestnut Leather for 55% off the MSRP after coupon codes; I blogged about that deal here.  Despite the enticing price, I made a decision not to buy from that seller because all purchases would be FINAL SALE, which is just a little too final for me.  Instead, I decided to turn to price matching to try to get the Lynnea for the same price from another seller with a better return policy.

The Contenders.  I googled around looking for shoe sites that price match.  I created this table, so please credit me if you decide to reblog it.  Information is current as of today:

*click chart to enlarge and don’t carry any Uggs.  Regardless, as you can see, most price matching policies seem to be pretty restrictive.  The exceptions are and  I have always had great luck with Nordstrom’s generous price matching policy, but unfortunately, Nordstrom doesn’t carry the Lynneas in leather (only suede), so I decided to give a try for the first time. Research.  First, I checked Ugg’s list of authorized retailers and was happy to find that is listed.  Therefore, authenticity should be a non-issue.  I also searched the internet to read about others’ experiences buying and price matching from  I came up pretty dry, except for a few reviews on Yelp (here and here); apparently, they have brick-and-mortar locations in Norcal.  Those reviews being generally positive, and returns being free and pre-paid, I decided to take the dive and buy my Lynneas from

How to get a Price Match.  I paid the full $200 up front and submitted an email requesting the price match, per the instructions on their official price matching policy, which is listed on their website here.  My request was granted the next business day before noon!  That is especially impressive given that it’s Cyber Monday!  Here is what my email request contained:

Click here to see a text version of this letter

Although their official policy doesn’t require it, you’ll notice that I state that I attached several screen caps of the item in my shopping cart on as proof that it was in-stock in my size/style/color at the time of purchase.  I was worried the Lynnea might sell out before a customer service rep could review my request, so I was adding the screen caps as a precaution.

Customer Service.  I called their customer service line the next day to confirm that my price match was granted.  Their customer service reps were extremely pleasant and efficient.

I’ll update you all again once I received my order, but so far I am very happy with their policies and service!  Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “ Review & Price Matching Policy

  1. That’s pretty impressive. I was always skeptical about price matching, because it seems too good to be true. Glad to see someone successful do it.

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