A Guide to Using Sephora’s $15-20 VIB Gift Cards

The internet is buzzing with news that Sephora is emailing out gift cards for the amount of $15-20 to VIB members.  Each gift card comes with a unique code, which can be used online or printed and used in-store.

$50 minimum is NOT required when you purchase online.  You do NOT need to spend $50 to use the gift card, despite what the email says.  Since it comes in the form of a gift card and not in the form of a coupon code, you can use it on any purchase over the amount of the gift card.

In-store.  I have not tried using it on an amount below $50 in-store.  I imagine it would work if your cashier scans it, but they may refuse to scan it based on the text of the email, which says you must spend $50.

Shipping.  If I am remembering correctly, last year, Sephora offered FREE 2-day shipping sometime shortly after disbursing the gift cards in order to encourage holiday shoppers.  If there is an item you want, you may wish to wait a week and see if a free shipping code comes out.

Otherwise, Sephora does charge for shipping on purchases under $50.  To avoid the shipping charge, you can purchase extra products to push you over the $50 mark and then return them in-store.  You can also buddy up with friends or family who also got a gift card and place an order together.  Sephora’s online system does not allow you to use multiple gift cards online, but if you call them at 1-877-SEPHORA, they will happily do it for you.  This is what I did.

You can also elect to use your gift card to cover the $5.95 shipping charge.  It’s a gift card, so it can be used on tax and shipping.  You can buy one of the $9 Stila palettes for almost nothing using this method.

Coupon codes.  There are two right now which I think look rather good.  You can only use one promotional code.

If your purchase amount (before gift cards) is $25 or more, you can apply “FROMSEPHORA.”  Choose between the Hello Kitty and Tokidoki bags (Kat Von D is out of stock).

If you spend $25 or more (before gift cards), you can instead choose to apply “PREPKIT.”  There are four kits to choose from (well, 3, since flawless foundation is out of stock).  You can see all the options here.

Ebates.  Don’t forget to shop through Ebates for an additional 8% cash back!  I get about $50 per year from using ebates, so it’s pretty worth it.  Tweet me if you want a referral. 😉


14 thoughts on “A Guide to Using Sephora’s $15-20 VIB Gift Cards

  1. I see you mention using multiple of the gift card, but having to do it on the phone. I am assuming the whole order would have to be done on the phone which means you cannot use Ebates?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Correct, you can only do one or the other. I placed an order by phone to use multiple gift cards, so I did not benefit from using ebates.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. If you buy a product that’s around $8 or $9, then you can get it shipped for basically nothing out of pocket. The gift card can cover $5.95 shipping and tax. There are lots of Stila palettes for $9!

  3. Does this gift card apply to the current order I purchase or to a future purchase? Also, how do I apply this gift card to an online purchase? my email didn’t come with a gift card number. It says “gift card #: perform client search”

    • Hm, I’ve never heard of a gift card coming via email without a gift card number and corresponding pin number. I suggest you call Sephora at 1-877-SEPHORA and ask for help. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you. Good luck!

    • got the same mail, saying “perform client search” as yours.
      so i spent 4 bucks on ebay to buy a giftcard code. n you kno what, sephora then mailed me the same email with a proper giftcard code n pin. =_=

  4. Hey, this is a really useful post. I have multiple gift cards as well that I wanna use. the first time I called around 4 pm to sephora this nice lady was able to add all the multiple giftcard codes for me but I wanted to get another item, look around the site and call back before confirming the order. I got disconnected a few times.I lost my whole order and had to start over. Then every associate I got told me that I couldn’t place multiple gift cards in one order and would not let me. I guess I was only lucky the first time with the first lady but I didn’t get to confirm the order. I’m gonna try calling back tomorrow. =/

    • Hi Julie,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble using multiple gift cards. I know that it’s their policy to allow multiple gift cards be used, but perhaps they’re being sticklers because of the $50 minimum purchase stipulation on the face of the coupon?

      In any case, I hope that it eventually works out for you! Thanks for reading.

  5. The associates keep saying that only one holiday gift card can be used for one order and that if I wanted to combine with “my family and friends” we would all to place separate orders.

  6. I actually called back to Sephora around 3 pm EST which I realize has the nicest associates around that time. the lady was able to combine the multiple gift cards for me! It was only 3 max per order though. But, at least I was able to do it 🙂 I had two separate orders(I wanted to put 3 cards in each order) but the lady forgot to add one more card for me, so I had only 2 cards applied in one order 😦 so I ended paying $15 more without realizing with an excess gift card left unused. It was kinda bugging me so, I tried calling back about it but the other associates all said I’m only suppose to have 1 holiday card per order anyway. So I was able to get away with it only that time. It really depends on which associate you get, I guess. Anyways thanks for the tip Nikki! ^^

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