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Ping Pang Pong {Las Vegas, NV}

Decent and affordable dim sum in Vegas without having to drive to Spring Mountain (Chinatown).  Ping Pang Pong is located in the Gold Coat Hotel.

Service.  The service during my visit was nothing great.  Note that the restaurant is pretty small, so you might call ahead if you have a big party.  It’s cart style service, but it wasn’t very busy in the restaurant on the day I went, and I felt like I was waiting forever for the carts to come around.  The carts were just sitting there all lined up and ONE lady was taking them around the restaurant one-by-one.  In any case, I’d go back, so it wasn’t prohibitively bad.

Dim Sum Selection.  I think their dim sum selection is a bit limited.  It has most of what I like, but with a few of my favorites missing.  Most notably lo mai gai (tea flavored sticky rice wrapped in a leaf) and radish cake 😦  They do, however, have most of what you’re probably looking for (pics below).  Everything was pretty good and I’ll be back.  There’s nothing like dim sum after a night in Vegas 🙂

I actually don’t know what these last ones are called but they’re among my favorite!  They’re fried and the dough is a bit glutinous (some chew to it) and filled with meat.  Very nice!

Desserts.  I will say the egg tarts were not good at all.  Both texture and taste were lacking.  Avoid!  I wanted to try the pineapple buns, but they were out at the moment, BOO.

Price.  The price is very reasonable for being a hotel restaurant!  My family of five ordered lots of food and the bill came out to only $10 per person.

Conclusion.  It’s not the best dim sum I’ve had, but it’s definitely satisfying, affordable, and convenient.  I’ll be back, but hoping for slightly faster service next time.

Ping Pang Pong
Yelp / Official
Gold Coast Casino
4000 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103


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