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Studio B Buffet in the M Resort {Henderson, NV}

Ambiance and Service.  It’s a buffet, so it has its limits, but it’s new and pretty nice.  I appreciate the layout and how spacious it is.  Service is pleasant and efficient.  There’s a person staffed at the wine/beer bar, the espresso bar, at the sorbet/gelato bar, and carving the prime rib.  There are tip jars at some of these stations, but most people don’t seem to tip.

Value.  After eating Mon Ami Gabi, it’s hard for me to return to paying $15-40 for buffets.  I can get an incredible Hanger Steak with a merlot butter reduction sauce for a mere $19 at Mon Ami; whereas most lunch and dinner buffets are well over $19 and much less satisfying.  That being said, Studio B is one of the few buffets I still really look forward to.

It’s only $16 for lunch (M-F), but that includes pretty good food offerings (including some tasty Korean Galbi Ribs), unlimited beer and wine (!!!), espresso bar, gelato bar and INCREDIBLE desserts.  I’m not even a desserts person and I am in l.o.v.e.!  Take advantage of the unlimited beer and wine, but don’t forget you have to drive back from Henderson…

Desserts.  My favorite part of this buffet!  Everything is pretty good, but that CREME BURLEE is ta DIEEE.  It’s so perfect; incredibly light and not too sweet; the top also has that satisfying crunch.  I always get an espresso from their espresso bar with my desserts to counter balance that sweet.

I finish off my desserts with another dessert – lemon sorbet.  They have a pretty substantial gelato/sorbet bar with all the flavors pictured below.  For me, the lemon sorbet leaves a nice clean feeling, er, or as clean as one can feel after AYCE and AYCD.

I think the best deal is the $16 lunch (M-F only), but I always get my money’s worth regardless.  Here is the full list of prices:

Studio B Buffet
Yelp / Official
The M Resort
12300 Las Vegas Blvd
Henderson, NV 89044


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