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7 for all Mankind Outlet {Las Vegas, NV}

The downtown outlets in Vegas are my favorite among the Vegas outlets.  I rarely shop at 7 for all Mankind, but decided to pop in during a recent trip because my sister wanted to pick out a gift for her boyfriend.  Turns out that outlet prices are really pretty reasonable, but I would only recommend buying non-denim items.  I’ll elaborate in a bit, but here are some of the items that I liked:

Purchased.  The only items we purchased were these sunglasses.  Asian noses make buying sunglasses difficult; we typically have flat noses and big cheek bones, so sunglasses without the little nose pads tend to sit on our cheekbones and raise up and down when we smile (lol).  These have nose pads, so they sit perfectly comfortably on our faces; plus, I like the style, so at $39, we purchased both.

Eye’d but didn’t buy.  These boots were originally $200 and were marked down to $50.  As a matter of fact, all their heels, flats, and boots were about $50 and I liked them all!  These boots were really cute, but ran a little narrow in the opening (really hard to get my foot in), so I decided to pass.  If they had put in a zipper, they would have been perfect!  The style is so cute!

Denim.  Here’s why I probably wouldn’t buy denim at 7 for all Mankind Outlets.  I asked the sales person and she said that actually nothing in their outlet store is sold at their regular stores.  That means that they’re making these jeans exclusively for the outlets.  Further, most of these outlet jeans are $109-119, which is actually $10-30 higher than Nordstrom Rack prices!  I’d rather get the retail denim at a discount during Nordstrom’s Annual Sale or at Nordstrom Rack rather than pay more for outlet-only jeans.

I don’t mind buying 7 for all Mankind sunglasses or shoes because their prices are pretty good for any brand, but the outlet denim is still pricey and might not be of the same quality as they sell in their regular stores.  That being said, this Nate slim bootcut jean for men (above) was a gorgeous cut and wash!  Unfortunately, they only had size 28 and 38 in store.

Ordering by phone.  You can call in and place an order with any outlet store and have it delivered to your home.  The sales people that I interacted with at the outlet were really friendly and helpful.  They will charge your state’s tax (no tax if there’s no 7 for all mankind stores in your state) and $10 shipping fee.

7 for all Mankind Outlet
Yelp / Official
Las Vegas Premium Outlet, North
875 S Grand Central Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89106


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