Drinking Cheap: Kirkland Golden Margarita Mix

Kirkland’s Margarita Mix has been getting some BUZZ (see what I did there?), so I thought I’d try it out.  I’m a big believer in Costco and that goes for the Kirkland brand too.

The mix advertises itself as basically being a “just add ice” drink, meaning it already contains tequila, triple sec, sugar, etc.  I would argue that the mix is good start, but benefits from a little doctoring. It’s dirt cheap, about $10, so it’s definitely and good value and makes the task of making margaritas much easier.  I’d definitely repurchase.  I’m also a lousy bartender, so this is a good option if you’re like me and don’t want to be serving cranberry vodka’s all night at a party.

In my family, we like our margaritas blended.  For this mix, you basically just blend up some ice and margarita mix until you get your desired consistency.  When you blend drinks, I think the ice dilutes the drink a bit, so my family likes to add just a little simple syrup to the blender to sweeten it up ever so slightly.  I give the mix credit for being not too sweet (the notorious flaw of most pre-mixed margaritas), but, when blended, it does benefit from just a little bit more sweetness, IMO.  We also add just a little squeeze of lime to each individual glass to give it something fresh.  That’s it!  Perfect margaritas, though not quite straight out of the bottle.

No Costco Membership?  If you’re in CA, then you can still buy alcohol at Costco without a membership.  Just tell the bouncers at the door (lol) that you’re buying alcohol only.  Get your stuff and get in the check-out line.  When you reach the front, tell the cashier you’re just buying alcohol and they’ll call for a manger to swipe their card so you can buy without a membership.  If you do this, its CASH ONLY, so make sure you come prepared.  In any case, I’ve done this a hundred times and it’s always been no problem.


2 thoughts on “Drinking Cheap: Kirkland Golden Margarita Mix

  1. In doing a search for where to buy the Kirkland premixed margaritas in my new home state, I came upon your blog, and felt the need to offer a suggestion: Instead of adding ice (watering down) the mix, pour the entire bottle into a plastic bowl and freeze overnight. You have frozen margaritas at your fingertips with no muss, no fuss.

    • Thank you for the suggestion and for reading!! I’m absolutely unsophisticated when it comes to drinking, so I’m always open to suggestions for simple upgrades.

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