Birthday Craft: “Eda-mommy”

My mom celebrated her birthday in January and insisted on no presents from her broke ass kids.  We decided to craft something for her instead.  We bought $2 of felt at Michaels and then bought a clutch at Goodwill for $2 (strictly for the zipper).  Oh, and we used cotton balls as stuffing (resourceful!).   The inspiration was simple: we saw a giant bag of frozen edamame in someone’s shopping cart and recalled the Toy Story peas in a pod plush:

Our version is nowhere near as cute, but we did it in an afternoon using $4 worth of random materials and a lot of hot glue, so I think my mom can deal.  In any case, we modeled the three peas after my mom’s three children :3

I actually don’t know how to sew, but I summoned all my patience and followed this tutorial to sew the invisible zipper.  After that zipper was done, there was no way I was going to sew the peas, so I made those using mounds of hot glue.  Have you ever tried to make plush spheres?  It’s very challenging, I swear.  By the time I finished those “spheres,” I was fairly exhausted, so we decided to just puffy paint on the faces, instead of hot glue felt features on.

And here is my sister, brother and I imitating the faces that inspired the peas.  Notice that this gift was from all three of us, but only one person seems to be doing any work… No wonder my signature expression is all angry, lol.

We felt like my mom would be annoyed if our precious dog was left out, so we made an additional plush of him as a dish of soy sauce, lol.

Happy Birthday Mom!


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