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Slater’s 50/50 {Anaheim, CA}

Finally, a review of a place in Orange County!  We went here for my mom’s birthday.  The Happy Hour deals are excellent.

Happy Hour.  The Anaheim location splits their restaurant into a bar-side and a restaurant-side.  To get the happy hour deal, you must side on the bar-side.  Since bars are self-seating, sometimes I find they’re not as well maintained (sticky tables, etc.) and that the service is less attentive.  That is NOT the case at Slater’s, at least not in the Anaheim location.  The waitress was extremely attentive and our table was well kept.

There was plenty of open tables when we went (Friday night) and therefore no hounding over customers waiting for them to leave (*COUGH, Father’s Office).  The bar area has one circular booth, lots of small round bar stool height tables, and, of course, seating at the bar.  I would say this Happy hour is better for small groups (no bigger than four) because there is only one booth, and that booth couldn’t accommodate more than five adults.

This isn’t like an upscale happy hour type of place; there’s TV’s playing sports and a billiards table there.  The restaurant side is a bit nicer, but the happy hour deals are amaze so I was fine with bar-side seating.  The noise level was good, neither awkwardly quiet, nor too loud for normal conversation.

Slater’s Vampire Dip.  This is the best artichoke dip I’ve ever had!  It’s even better than the one my family makes at home, and I consider that one to be pretty up there.  The cheese in the Vampire Dip is super stretchy and the whole thing is insanely garlicy.  The sourdough bread bowl is a nice touch, and they slice the bread bowl to make it easy to pull it apart and eat.  Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of the fried pita bread; it’s an odd texture, neither soft like bread, nor crunchy like a pita chip.  I would probably request sliced bread only next time.  In any case, at it’s a great deal at $4 during HH and the portion is plenty generous.

French Fried Potatoes & Beer Battered Onion Strings.  You can “pick 2” sides for only $3 during HH.  I thought the fries, despite their humble appearance, were decent, but the onion strings were far too greasy (yuck).  What I think makes these sides special is actually their sauces.  The French Fries come with a great “bacon-infused ketchup,” which tastes exactly how it sounds.  The onion strings came with a house barbecue sauce, which was also surprisingly good.

Burgers.  Much like The Counter, Slater’s has a menu of burgers, as well as a custom burger form that you can fill out.  A custom burger is $8.95.  Here are my tips:

  • Choose the white brioche bread (SO good)
  • Ask for you sauce on the side (as you can see below, they slather it on, which makes it hard to keep your burger from sliding around)
  • Don’t choose pickles as one of your toppings (as you can see, your burger comes with a pickle on the side)
  • In almost all cases, choose 1/3 pound patty.  They weigh it after cooking, so 1/3 pound is actually pretty massive.

Although I found my burger to be pretty tasty, my big criticism was the inconsistent cooking.  I asked for mine to be medium, and it came out a touch pinker than I wanted, but it was still plenty good.  My dad asked for medium and his came out well-done.  My brother ordered his medium-rare and it came out incredibly bloody (definitely more rare).  If you are one of the lucky ones who gets it done correctly, the burger is pretty great,  but who wants to leave their meal up to luck?

Slater’s 50-50
Yelp / Official
6362 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd
Anaheim, CA 92807


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