Happy Hour / Los Angeles

BJ’s Brewhouse: Free Corkage on first bottle

This is a little money saving tip that I believe is nationwide (or at least in states that have corkage).  First, pics or it didn’t happen:

BJ’s — no corkage on the first bottle of wine!!  The policy is printed straight on the drink menu; love the transparency.  $7 for each additional bottle isn’t bad, but it’s not slick.  I used to think Mimi’s Cafe had the best corkage — $1 per bottle; however, I thought it was strange how that price wasn’t really posted anywhere.  The only reason I knew was because I was a waitress there for a few years.  I recently learned that Mimi’s upped their corkage to $5 per bottle, which still isn’t too bad, but Mimi’s is just a fundamentally different type of restaurant than BJ’s, so they’re not really in comparable, IMO.

BJs happy hour deals are otherwise pretty meh.  To check out your local BJ’s happy hour menu, you need to go to BJ’s website and look up your location’s dedicated page.  For Puente Hills (Rowland Hts), the menu is as follows:

Appetizers are all about $10, so at $2 off, they’re not a steal.  Elephant Bar and TGIF have far better deals on bar food during Happy Hour, if you’re looking for that.  BJ’s pizzas are great, so half off mini pizzas is what I usually get, but trust that the mini pizzas are truly personal pan-sized –tiny!

Costco tip.  If you go to the Puente Hills/Rowland Heights BJ’s location, I have a little tip for you.  Show up, put your name down, get a buzzer (always a wait), but instead of standing around the parking lot, walk/drive over to Costco just down the street and pick up a bottle of wine!  Costco has a great wine selection and lots of little descriptions, which make it more fun to shop at for cheap wine than a supermarket.

No Costco membership?  No problem if you’re in CA.  State laws allow you to buy alcohol from otherwise membership-only places like Costco, so just tell the bouncers at the door (lol) that you’re buying alcohol only.  I’ve done this tons of times and had no problems.  FYI, you must pay with cash at the register.

Lemme know if there are any other chain restaurants out there with cheap corkage deals!


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