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i-40 Road Trip {Memphis, TN}

Memphis, we meet again.

See.  God, I hope I’m not embarrassing myself when I say that I think this was the Mississippi River.  In any case, it was a short walk from Beale street (we parked near the river for $7 flat rate).

See.  Beale Street during the early evening.  Mostly consists of restaurants, gift shops and bars.  As a tourist, I didn’t see much free parking, and most lots were $5-10.

Drink.  Wet Willie’s is on Beale Street, and, as it was summer in Tennessee, we had to stop in for a frozen concoction.  Call-a-cab is dangerously delicious!  We each mixed it with various other flavors.  We opted for the smallest size and split a side of fries and still felt the buzz after, so they’re a little pricey but effective.  I think they’re made with grain alcohol, which is just cray.

The service here is beyond nice!  When we went to pay, the guys behind the counter noticed we hadn’t finished one of our drinks and asked if we didn’t like it.  We insisted that we did enjoy it, but that it had melted and that we didn’t want to drink the remaining liquid.  They dumped out the third that remained, refilled it up to the half-way point, and informed us that Beale Street is exempt from the open container laws–WHAAT?  Super nice.  So we happily left Wet Willie’s and walked around Beale Street with our drink in hand.

Wet Willie’s
Yelp / Official

Eat. We follow Guy Fieri’s (DDD) recommendation and had lunch at Leonard’s Pit Barbecue.  They had a $12 buffet, but we opted for a la carte instead, since we weren’t AYCE-hungry.  We each got a pulled pork sammie with slaw (about $6 each), which was wonderful, and a side of onion rings, which were not my favorite.  The onion rings are kind of a celebrated item on Yelp, but I didn’t like that they had a really hard crunch to them and left my mouth pretty greasy feeling, meh.  They weren’t to bad though and serving size is incredibly generous.  The ambiance is cute and seating was ample.

Leonard’s Pit Barbecue


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