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i-40 Roadtrip {Nashville, TN}

Nashville, we meet again.

Eat.  This time around, we just did a quick stopover in Nashville on our way to Memphis.  We grabbed lunch at B&C Melrose BBQ, which apparently stands for Bacon & Caviar!  B&C was great because we were just stopping for a quick meal, but if you’re looking for more of an experience (read: ambiance), then this place is clean, basic and quick, but nothing fancy.  It’s located in a supermarket plaza and serves up its food on plastic plates.  The pulled pork sandwich (add slaw, add pickles) was delish, and the corn pudding is a MUST!  My friend recommended corn pudding to me, and I pictured something gelatinous (pudding, right?), but nope, it reminds me more of grits, and was fantaaastic, even better than their much celebrated grits, actually!  Based on my scant knowledge of corn pudding, you can probably tell I don’t know BBQ, but I very much enjoyed my lunch at B&C!

B&C Melrose BBQ
Yelp / Official


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