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i-40 Road Trip {Santa Fe, NM}

Santa Fe, we meet again.

Eat. Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen was really good.  The Green Chile Stew (second photo) is like one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, EVER.  Their complimentary chips and salsa are also legit – chips are thick witha  hard crunch and not too salty.  Their menu has pages upon pages of different margaritas, most priced in the very reasonable $7-12 range.

For entrees, I got the guac salad, which ended up being lettuce, a huge amount of guac, and a side of bleu cheese.  The guac was great!  My friend ordered an adobe or adobo plate, which I thought was much too salty.  The fried bread it came with was delicious though!  Overall, the meal was very enjoyable.  Service was pleasant, ambiance is nice (lots of seating, very spacious), price was fair.  I will say that parking was less than ideal though, so give yourself ample time to look.

Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen
Yelp / Official

Eat.  How cute is Whoo’s Donuts?  Being a couple of UVA grad students, we had to drop by this place for breakfast.  The donuts came in lots of fun flavors, and while I’ll say they aren’t the best donuts I’ve ever had, they were plenty good.  The glazed was better than my lemon pistachio, which as just a tad dry.  Their logo is super cute (contains an owl) and they offer $15 t-shirts with the design printed on.

Whoo’s Donuts
Yelp / Official


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