Dining / Los Angeles

Max’s of Manila {City of Industry, CA}

I’ve been to Manila once, and it was real real stressful as a city, but food is amazing!  From my understanding, Filipino food is one of those cuisines that still hasn’t really caught onto the mainstream in the US.  I must admit that despite growing up right next to West Covina (which has a large number of Filipino restaurants), I’m still very new in my appreciation of Filipino food. That being said, I make no representation that I’m an expert at Filipino food nor that this is authentic, but IMO, Max’s still serves up good food and I enjoyed it.

Max’s of Manila is a chain restaurant located in the Puente Hills Mall.  When I asked my Filipino girlfriend for a recommendation, knowing I’m from Rowland, she recommended I try Max’s.  Max’s is known for their chicken and their chicken (which freaks me out in the above photo because it looks like it’s taking a nap) is indeed pretty fabulous!  Not too salty, moist on the inside, crisp on the outside.  Like really crisp, how do Asians get their fried chicken so damn crispy and not oily!?  To accompany your chicken, I cannot recommend enough the GARLIC FRIED RICE!  My girlfriend recommended I go here just to get this rice, and it’s seriouslyseriouslygood.  The adobo  I can live without.

Max’s of Manila
Puente Hills Mall


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