Los Angeles

CTA Benefit {DTLA}

On the rare occasion I do something ultra hip, I always feel awfully unsettled.  On the one hand, I feel super hip to be invited by hip people and in the know about hip things, but on the other hand, I also feel incredibly unhip in the presence of all these damn ultra swank hipsters.  Does anyone say the words ‘swank’ and ‘hip’ anymore?!  I haven’t a clue.  I’m just super basic.


In any case, one of my friends does improv/acting classes and one of her classmates invited her out to a Consuming the Arts (CTA) benefit he was performing at in DTLA.  She kindly invited me along and naturally, I was much obliged.

When I arrived there in the evening, the place was SO SKETCH.  It’s about half a mile outside of Little Tokyo in a really seedy dodgy part of downtown.  There were homeless people camping out (like legit had tents camping)(quick digression – how do homeless people comfortably tucked away in tents guard their shopping carts from covetous tentless neighbors??) everywhere in front of that super abandoned looking building – WTF.

So I parked in Little Tokyo and called my friend, who was running fashionably late.  When I set out for downtown from the westside, I totally forgot to reset my watch to hipster time (my baddd).

Anyway when she and I finally both arrived, the event was great!  The venue was in a loft with an impromptu stage, lots of low seating, home baked goods, PBR (of course), wine, various snacks, and a rooftop with a view of LA at night.   The performances were each short; the spoken word I enjoyed the most, the singing, the least.   Although not all of the performances were good, the audience was so intensely supportive, I somehow didn’t mind in the least.





Yes, those are $10 JC Penney zebra athletic shorts.


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