Los Angeles / Shopping

Melrose Trading Post {WeHo}

Melrose Trading Post is a flea market that takes place every Sunday at Fairfax High School.  Admission is $2, which is $2 more than I’d like to pay, but since I walked away with two much loved items, I can’t complain tooooo much.

The Trading Post is pretty small and I was frustrated in the beginning with the sellers.  One stall had mounds of jewelry, most of it absolute tangled crap, but perhaps worth digging if the price was right.  I asked and the woman unhelpfully said, “varies, just ask.”  Uhhh, I’m NOT going to untangle and dig through 93874092838 pieces of random shit only to ask you for the price because then obviously she can request a high price on those items lest I walk away from my substantial time and effort investment.  False, so upon hearing that  I moved on to the next stall.

Unlike your typical flea market, whose goods suspiciously resembles those in the fashion district of downtown LA, this place does have a few interesting sellers.  A few stalls make their own jewelry, priced at $20+ per piece.  I’m spoilt by F21’s $3.80 earrings and $5.80 necklaces, so it’s hard to consider paying more, even if it is crafted by some creative, aspiring local person.  There were also some vintage clothing sellers, which had fairly nice stock, but, again, at prices matching Crossroads/Buffalo Exchange but without the changing rooms or return policy.

However, there were two stalls that stood out to me from which I purchased goods from.  Here we go:

One stall was owned by 1 or 2 young guys and they only sell necklaces with wood charms, making their stall easy to identify.  The necklaces are only $5 each for a wide variety of designs!  My shameless love for California knows no bounds, so I had to purchase one.  It’s held up well and I love it!

Another stall I purchased from is owned by a middle aged woman.  She didn’t have much merchandise, but there was a whole rack of tank tops with varying designs.  What she does is purchase graphic tees from F21 and UO and then slices them up and reties them in some complicated adjustable racer back style in back and then resells them for $7.  The back is really cool – you just pull a string and it shortens the straps, genius!  My sister and I both got one and they’ve both gotten a lot of wear so far.  In the above pic, I am wearing it under a cardi to the Venice Summer Fest.


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