Dining / Los Angeles

Berlin Currywurst {Los Feliz}

Currywurst is a food I’ve never had before, so I absolutely cannot comment on its taste compared to any other currywurst spots.  However, I can say that the service was absolutely helpful and welcoming (especially for such a seemingly too cool hipster spot), the decor was excellent, and the food was delicious!

Our order:

  • brockwurst
  • bratwurst
  • paprikawurst
  • homemade fries with minced sauteed onions (fries were really delicious, esp with those onions)
  • Side of grunzueg (saurkraut, mandarin oranges, carrot) (I wouldn’t miss it)

The most popularly yelped sauce was the ginger-orange curry, which sounded iffy to me, but trust in yelp always, so I ordered it.  It turned out to be my favorite, so give it a chance!  It’s very nice.

I now forget the other two curries we selected to top the other two wursts because the cashier was extremely helpful when I asked him for recommendations and he even THANKED ME for entrusting him with the task, WTF sooo polite I felt momentarily (perpetually) unrefined or something.  His German accent was actually very charming and he took the time to explain everything to my siblings and I.  He explained that Germans enjoy ketchup and mayo with their fries (uh, you mean 1000 Island? but I didn’t say it) and to use the bread to swab up the curry (nommmm).  Having someone walk you through ordering and even eating made the experience all the more enjoyable.

If Silverlake weren’t on the other end of the world, I’d gladly come back.

Cons were, as with every hot spot in LA, limited seating and limited parking.


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