Dining / Los Angeles

Brunch at Joe’s {Venice, CA}

Saturday brunch options are fewer than Sunday brunch options in LA.  Joe’s in Venice has a reasonably priced one with $8 bottomless mimosas or hibiscus (cranberry juice + champagne).  To be honest, I didn’t love the place.

Ambiance.  No outdoor patio.  It was one of those places that looks like a very nice white table cloth dinner spot that’s awkwardly selling brunch.  So while the place looks nice, it’s not what I really look for in a brunch spot.  Joe’s keep the white table cloths during brunch (see above), they use big wine glasses instead of champagne flutes for mimosas (see above), and the wait staff just generally feels stiff.

Service.  The place wasn’t by any means full and the service was attentive, but it really crossed the line from helpful/appreciated to annoying at some point in the meal.  Ideally, after the waiter has confirmed we’re enjoying our entrees, he would be best to quietly refill our glasses and perhaps once or twice ask if we need anything.  This place kept pestering us to see if we were happy and trying to take away our plates, which was awkward and annoying.  Again, it’s not like the restaurant was full, so I don’t think they were trying to push us out.

Food.  Menu is limited/small.  My friends’ tartines (open faced sandwiches) looked very plain and brown (no veggie) on their plates.  My huevos rancheros (above) were presented looking like pancakes and were not bad but not great.  Price was between $10-15 per brunch entree.  Food was adequate but forgettable in my experience.  Mimosas were good.

Parking.  Another minus is how hard it is to park in Venice and this place has a paid parking lot in back which was, I believe $7 per car, quite steep.  I found street parking, thank god, but not everyone in my party did.

After bottomless mimosa brunching it at Joe’s you can walk a couple of short blocks to Venice beach and people watch (read: sober up).  On the day we went, the Venice summer festival was going on, which made for a pleasant afternoon with lots of free iced coffee.


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