Los Angeles

Dripp {Chino Hills}

I had high hopes for Dripp, but they let me downnn.  The logistics were there – TONS of parking, big space with 2 floors and a small outdoor patio (Starbucks never has a seat), open late (midnight).  When I arrived, the decor is super on point – it actually looks like a chain (read: expensively decorated) but Chino Hills is the first and only location, according to their website.  They make their ice creams in house and have about 8 unique flavors at any given time.  All sounding very promising, right?

Ice cream.  The baristas/cashiers generously offered to allow my sister and I to sample whichever flavors of ice cream we wished.  Between the two of us, we tried all 8, and all 8 were completely mediocre.  The ice cream is texturally disappointing – it falls slightly on the icy/hard side, rather than the decadently creamy side, which is where house made ice cream should aim to be.  The flavors were also meh.  We nevertheless felt guilty for sampling 8 flavors of ice cream and decided we should be good sports and purchase one to split, which we ate like 2 bites of.

Drinks.  As it was late in the evening, we also ordered a hot chocolate (caffeine free).  We were super excited to see the barista use a torch to roast the marshmallows (like a creme brulee!), but were disappointed to find the hot chocolate was not only from a packet, but was VERRRRYYYY diluted.  Like he probably needed 2x the powder to make it drinkable.  He also torched the marshmallows’ exterior but the insides were completely untouched, so when I bit into it, it tasted sickeningly sweet and chewy.

I won’t be back, but if I’m brought back by friends, I’ll order a latte instead.


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