Las Vegas / Nevada

Gordon Ramsey Steak {Las Vegas}

I still love Mon Ami the most in Vegas (unbeatable deal, nice ambiance, DELICIOUS meat), but this place was good and offers a genuine possibility of being affordable-expensive and I would consider coming again.

Decor.  Much too red.  It makes photo taking ridiculous and is just an irritating and very pervasive color generally.

Service.  Beyond nice and a step above any other establishment I’ve been to.  The server looked like a toothpaste model and he NEVER stopped smiling, it was almost creepy if he were not so friendly and nice.  They wheel a cart with all these gorgeous pieces of raw meat on them so you can check out what you’d be getting and explain how the steaks are cooked.  Very informative, lots of suggestions, top notch stuff.

Complimentary bread basket.  This was BOMB.  Four types of bread are on that plate because the pinwheel ones come in two different flavors.  Part of the reason why this meal can be affordable-expensive is because the bread is so irresistible that you end up eating 4 whole pieces (one in each flavor).  So take that into account when you order…

Kurobuta Pork Belly Appetizer ($17).  This was ok.  I didn’t DIE over it, but it was, you know, good.


Beef Wellington ($50).  I had never had a roasted beef wellington before coming to Gordon Ramsay, but it’s incredibly tender!  I’m quite unimpressed with the breaded part though.  Beneath the Wellington is potato puree and a wine sauce, both very nice.  The thing with the Wellington is that I only need half of an order to be satisfied, so if you split this and an appetizer like the Pork Belly with another person, you’re looking at a $50/pp meal — relatively economical.

Rib Eye ($54).  The rib eye was incredibly meh.  Texturally nice enough (not great), but it had ZERO flavor.  Such a waste of $54, as we barely touched it.

Mac & Cheese ($11).  This serving was quite huge, could be shared among 4 people as a side.  This is my FAVORITE mac and cheese…ever.  I was pessimistic about ordering it because mac and cheese so frequently disappoints, but my friend was insistent, thank god because it was delicious!  Noodles were the PERFECT texture – many a good mac and cheese fall short due to overdone noodles.  Sauce was very flavorful, the menu says it’s made of “blue, cheddar, parm, and truffle.”  GET ITTTTTT.

We were stuffed beyond recognition.  It was grotesque.

Recommended order for 2: Nommy bread basket, wellington for 1 ($50), Mac and Cheese ($11), some appetizer ($15-20) = $80 usd + drinks + tax + tip.   Not bad, eh?



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