California / San Francisco

Hog Island Oyster Co. {Embarcadero, SF}

I’ve tried oysters a couple of times but always thought their texture was too horrid to enjoy (um, snot of the ocean, no thx), but I’m thankfully now converted thanks to Hog Island!

My friends and I were walking along Embarcadero complaining about how full we were and how we couldn’t wait until we were hungry again so we could eat seven course beef at Ahn Hong when we come upon Hog Island.  One of my friends gushed about how good the oysters are and suggested the four of us split a dozen since it would hardly affect our appetites — we’re all friends because our gluttony is boundless.

I was a bit apprehensive, but agreed to go along and try one –oysters never DISGUSTED me, I just didn’t have any kind of fondness for them.

My friends order a dozen of the Sweetwaters (a steep $30 WTF), which the website describes as follows:

Our signature oyster, Sweetwaters are farmed in the traditional French rack and bag method, and take from 12-18 months to develop their deeply fluted shells and sweet, tender meat.  Plump and briny with a smokey-sweet finish.

I am completely enamored with this oyster!  The sauce it came with is amaze too – like thin, clear, tart, shallot-y, and light.  I am not a particular fan of hot sauce on oysters since it sort of seems to defeat the purpose since it completely overpowers.

The only drawback is the outrageous price, but I read online that they have a Happy Hour on Mondays and Thursdays from 5-7 where oysters are only $1.35 each and pints are $3.  Holy shit, if I lived nearby I’d be there every week!

Now I’m inspired to try more varieties and better cultivate my new appreciation for oysters!


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