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Festivity: 4th of July





When I was growing up, my family had a tradition of going to Huntington Beach on the 4th and queueing up at what felt like (and possibly was) the crack of dawn to do so.  I have fond memories of beaching it with my cousins and extended family on the Fourth, but now that we’re all grown, my family’s moved on to more quiet barbecues at home.  I have no real complaints about this.

This year my parents made a couple of household favs — carne asada (Tyler Florence’s recipe) and homemade salsa.  My sister and I found some frozen berries and tequila in the house, so we decided to whip up some frozen berry margaritas — so festive and delish!

After our bellies were full, my siblings and I were feeling a bit nostalgic, but not nearly nostalgic enough to go anywhere near Huntington Beach on the Fourth.  Instead, we settled on a quick trip to a park in Placentia.  California is just obscenely awesome.  I’ll never take it for granted again!


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